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New B2B Thai Business Partner - Driver's License & Vehicle Registration Services

4th of July 2018
Let Freedom Ring around the World!!! 
Thankfully #HiHelloBKK has added SAME-DAY Thai Driver's License and Vehicle Registration Services to the many others things at we are doing.  These "Vehicle" services expound upon the Organization's move into Thailand's Racing Community with The Thai Racing Group (#BKK & #TRG) who is currently in production of THREE prototypes for their "Thai Cafe Racing Bikes"  for both domestic (in Thailand) and export (virtually anywhere).  TRG has already received their first USA order received and first USA dealership has been identified.  
More to follow, yet if you can use either personal Driver's License or Vehicle Registration services in "The Kingdom" of Thailand, just drop us a line...
- BK out for HiHelloBKK (Hi Hello Bangkok!)