Three New HiHelloBKK B2B Bangkok Partners

1. "Nick Of Time-BKK"

Nick specializes in Rare Luxury Men's Watches.  Nick is a Thai-American Gentleman from Texas, USA and besides his Watch Company, he also runs another family business (Commercial Real Estate) in Bangkok.

Nick personally ensures all of his watches are in excellent operating condition using his network of Certified Watch MAKERS (the Highest Level of Watch Repair Personnel - A "Maker" is considered a true Artisan and much more capable than the average basic repair level found at most watch repair centers).  Click on the "Nick of Time-BKK" link above to go to Nick's website.

Vintage Omega Seamaster

2. "Mini-Mini Yoga - How to Become more Flexible and Positive!"

Rwandan Guru "Mini-Mini" Alice is now forming new Yoga Classes in downtown Bangkok (Central Business District).  The classes plan to be held on The Empire Tower's 6th Floor (Webster University) -  RESERVE your space while there is still room left-they will be held WEDNESDAY EVENINGS.    Introductory Price - ONLY 300B (Donation) per 1 Hour class.  

All you need is a Yoga Mat, an Open Attitude, and 300B to change your Life Forever with Rwandan Guru Mini-Mini - What are your waiting for!?!


Send a LINE message (# of students and their names) to: BKKISS3 

3. Thai Racing Group (TRG) - THE Thai Answer to "SAFETY FAST!!!"  

Another Bangkok B2B Venture is happy to work with is the New"Thai Racing Group."  TRG is currently focusing on their "Thai Cafe Racing" Motorbike Line.  

Now in production are THREE Novel Prototypes: 1. "See-Dang!" ("Color Red" in Thai) - [First Prototype is Pictured below]

2. "See-Far!!" ("Color Blue" in Thai), and 

3. "See-Dam (Baby)!!!" "(Color Black (Baby)!!!" in Thai).  See-Dam will be TRG's Premium Motorcycle made ONLY on a "Personal and Special Order Basis" - NO more than 12 per year (1 per calendar month - like a good Pin-Up Calendar ;>) will ever be made!!!  

All of TRG's Motorbikes are primarily produced for the export market (100% Created and Built in Thailand, then Finished Assembled in Country of Destination (Usually required by Customs) either only by a new "TRG Riding Partner" [Thai Cafe Racing Motorbike Owner] or an authorized TRG dealer).   TRG's first confirmed 2018 order was made in June, 2018 from the USA (Twin Falls, Idaho - near the location where in 1974 Famed American Motorcyclist Evil Knievel tried to jump the Snake River in his Rocket Ship - later he failed to jump the Grand Canyon on a motorcycle, yet was 100% a Success for simply trying to do AMAZING [and accomplishing many] things that scare the Hell out of most Folk).   

As always from >>> 

Keep it Positive - Keep it Real (Realistically Optimistic!!!).  

And SIMPLY KNOW that things will work out - they have too, right? 

- BK out 


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