B2B - Bangkok Tailor Partner - In a Sea of Strangers - Sam at AmraPur is YOUR Tailor

16 August 2018

In Bangkok there is NO shortage of Tailors...

Some are good and some are, well, not so good.

Well, let's stick with the NOT only good, yet how about GREAT!?!

Sam, owner/operator of Amrapur Tailor is the second generation Tailor serving the Thai and U.S. government, military and even Royal family members at their shop located at the JUSMAGTHAI (Joint United States Military Assistance Group Thailand).  While their offices are located in a secure area, like an Embassy (it is next door to the German Embassy), and ONLY those with specific Identification cards or Guests of those with credentials typically are the only ones allowed enter "The Compound" for security purposes, Amprapur will meet you to consult, measure, and take your order.

"Humble Sam" at your Service
For more information on this outstanding Bangkok Tailor check out their website at:
- BK out

Legal Partners - TWO new Harvard Law School Graduates

15 August 2018

In exciting news, signed, and provided a retainer, to not just one but TWO recent Harvard Law School graduates as Legal Advisors. 

Both of these outstanding "Legal Eagles" from the World's #1 Law School can provide both the primaries of our organization and our associates with legal advice, as need be, to improve their businesses and grow in an unrestricted fashion.

Think it, Believe it, #JustDidIt

p.s. Our new HiHelloBKK patches are in also...NOTHING but Positive and Cool here!!! 

- BK out

New B2B Thai Business Partner - Driver's License & Vehicle Registration Services

4th of July 2018
Let Freedom Ring around the World!!! 
Thankfully #HiHelloBKK has added SAME-DAY Thai Driver's License and Vehicle Registration Services to the many others things at we are doing.  These "Vehicle" services expound upon the Organization's move into Thailand's Racing Community with The Thai Racing Group (#BKK & #TRG) who is currently in production of THREE prototypes for their "Thai Cafe Racing Bikes"  for both domestic (in Thailand) and export (virtually anywhere).  TRG has already received their first USA order received and first USA dealership has been identified.  
More to follow, yet if you can use either personal Driver's License or Vehicle Registration services in "The Kingdom" of Thailand, just drop us a line...
- BK out for HiHelloBKK (Hi Hello Bangkok!) 

Three New HiHelloBKK B2B Bangkok Partners

1. "Nick Of Time-BKK"

Nick specializes in Rare Luxury Men's Watches.  Nick is a Thai-American Gentleman from Texas, USA and besides his Watch Company, he also runs another family business (Commercial Real Estate) in Bangkok.

Nick personally ensures all of his watches are in excellent operating condition using his network of Certified Watch MAKERS (the Highest Level of Watch Repair Personnel - A "Maker" is considered a true Artisan and much more capable than the average basic repair level found at most watch repair centers).  Click on the "Nick of Time-BKK" link above to go to Nick's website.

Vintage Omega Seamaster
2. "Mini-Mini Yoga - How to Become more Flexible and Positive!"

Rwandan Guru "Mini-Mini" Alice is now forming new Yoga Classes in downtown Bangkok (Central Business District).  The classes plan to be held on The Empire Tower's 6th Floor (Webster University) -  RESERVE your space while there is still room left-th…

HiHelloBKK Office (Sala Daeng WorkLoft) Directions

Here are the directions to our Downtown Bangkok (off the famous Silom road) near the Sala Daeng BTS stop.

Hope to see you there in the future.

p.s. Currently we are on a strict APPOINTMENT ONLY schedule.

Once you get off the Sala Daeng BTS exit

Look for the Work Loft (Silom) location (South of BTS))- That's where our Offices are located my Friend...

To get there take this BTS walking exit: 
At the bottom of the stairs do a "U-turn" and head back to Soi #1

At the point you are VERY close - TAKE a RIGHT from here: 

When you see this sign/entrance - give us a call (Line BKKISS3 works fastest typically) or simply come up to the 5th floor and ask for your Crew.  

Until next time - Keep being Awesome!!! 
- BK out for

HiHelloBKK T-shirts Available!!!

4 June 2018
HiHello World from HiHelloBKK!  
This is our First blog post from BKK (Bangkok, Thailand) to start getting information out to everyone. 
To start we have a limited number of HiHelloBKK T-shirts being made and are available for pre-order ONLY now for 199 Baht ($7 USD) - pickup only in Bangkok.  
We can possibly ship for anyone willing to pay shipping costs. 
Stay Happy - Stay Healthy! 
- BK out